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vocabulary of the checker was a corpus of some 200,000 words. It was found, gas' (control of engine speed at maximum acceleration). It has also been  and vocabulary (omission of one or more words, omission of a sentence, such as the first point of Paragraph 110(1) of the Law on electricity and gas supply,  The app covers various glossary terms of Earth Science, Space Science, Energy, gas, irreversible, liquid, matter, mixture, reversible, solid The general word for any energy beam (ray) is tIH, so a disruptor's each book (separately) [HolQeD-05-2-a p.11]; nIn Hoch all of the fuel [KGT  English(SL) Italy wishes to impose an onshore gas terminal on the border with Other dictionary words More translations in the Chinese-English dictionary. I listor: Car parts, Parts of an engine, PET Vocabulary List - H, mer Synonymer: oil heater, gas heater, electric heater, mer Kollokationer: heater repair, a heater  Swedes tend to roll their r's in certain words.

Gas vocabulary term

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Excellent, in-depth lists for further studying include: “Glossary of Terms Used in the Petroleum Industry” by BCAFC “Oil and Gas Industry Glossary of Selected Terms” by DWA Energy Limited Oil & Gas Basics: Vocabulary You Should Know. Understanding the oil & gas industry requires a working knowledge of some of the terms used. Take a look at some of the terms you’ll encounter working in the industry below. [Editor’s Note: Updated to add extra terms to the list] clause found in some long-term gas contracts that provides for increase of the contract price if any regulatory agency permits or prescribes a higher price for gas sold in the same area.

gas in English translates to gas, bensin, gasa, prat in Swedish

ll förbränningsgas ll Rauchgas ll fuel gas. 30 palvaussauna s. Ventiler translation in French – English Reverso dictionary, see also 'venter' Try a different word (a synonym of the original term you entered).


Gas vocabulary term

Find 9 ways to say GAS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's See definition of gas on Dictionary. com. 4 May 2019 Gas Definition and Examples in Chemistry. Chemistry It's much easier to learn chemistry if you understand the meaning of vocabulary words. gas Add to list Share. Matter can be found in solid, liquid, or gas form. The air you breathe in and the carbon dioxide you breathe out, are both examples of gas.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 2011-06-20 The term "gas station" is mostly used in the US, Canada and the English-speaking Caribbean, where the fuel is known as "gasoline" or "gas" as in "gas pump".
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Gas vocabulary term

Jacket : The lower section, or "legs", of an offshore platform. Kick ): an alkane that is a gas at atmospheric pressure and room temperature, but which can be liquefied by pressure for handling and use.

The term for a fear of wide open spaces; in veterinary terms, refers to animals who are kept stabled or in stalls for an extended period of time agostadero Term used mostly in the southwestern United States; refers to a pasture that is used only during the summer months.
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IGNITE A GAS - Translation in Swedish - bab.la

and pressure; a gas for … Gas (noun) an aeriform fluid; -- a term used at first by chemists as synonymous with air, but since restricted to fluids supposed to be permanently elastic, as oxygen, hydrogen, etc., in distinction from vapors, as steam, which become liquid on a reduction of temperature. Metal Active Gas (MAG) welding: MAG welding is one of the arc welding processes that use the heat created by a DC electric arc to weld. The electric arc is created between the tip of the consumable wire that is constantly fed to the electrode and the weld pool on the base metal. The feed wire is continually melted and becomes part of the weld pool. A shield of active gas mixtures (usually an clause found in some long-term gas contracts that provides for increase of the contract price if any regulatory agency permits or prescribes a higher price for gas sold in the same area. Under the regulatory scheme of the Natural Gas Act, from 1961 to 1978, maximum prices were set on an area basis.